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Kingdom Appliance Repair is here to answer your questions and offer guidance when your appliance is
not working. Below you will find some of the most common questions our customers ask. If you don’t
find the answer to your question, we are here to assist you. Just call 941-347-9390 or use our contact
form to contact us.

Can a water filter cause the ice maker not to work?

If you think that your ice maker’s water might be clogged, but you’re unsure, it’s simple and quick to check. Just remove the water filter and install a bypass plug. Then, test the water for increased flow. If the water is flowing properly, then you know that the water filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. If you have lost your bypass plug, contact the unit’s manufacturer and they can send you a new one.

A partially clogged water filter can cause an ice maker to operate inefficiently. If water cannot travel through the filter, it cannot reach the dispenser. If there is an insufficient amount of water, the ice maker can’t make ice! That’s why we recommend changing your ice maker’s water filter at least once every six months. Our friendly technicians can help you determine which water filter you need and change it out for you.

How much ice should my ice maker make?

A common ice maker typically produces about 8-10 ice cubes every 90 minutes, about enough ice for two beverages. Most ice makers produce about 80-90 cubes per day, or about 3 lbs of ice. Of course, this varies between units and can be affected by clogged water filters and other mechanical issues.

How do I clean my KitchenAid stainless steel refrigerator?

You’ll need only warm water and mild soap to wash the exterior of your stainless steel refrigerator. We recommend using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth for drying and polishing. You can also use warm soapy water to clean the seal gasket. Be sure to dry it thoroughly because moisture contributes to mold and mildew growth.

How do I reset my Whirlpool washing machine?

Rotate the control dial until the WASH, RINSE, and STOP lights have illuminated. Turn the unit completely OFF, and then unplug it from its electrical source. Wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. This should do the trick! You can check to see that it reset properly by making a test run with no clothing in the basin.

How do you clean Sub Zero drain tubes?

The most effective way to clean Sub Zero drain tubes is model-dependent. You’ll want to make sure that the tubes need to be cleaned beforehand. Look for signs like:

  • Ice buildup around the drain

  • Frozen, clogged, or dirty drain tubes

  • Water leaking out from the front of the unit

  • Accumulated water behind or under the vegetable crisper drawers

If you’re unable to determine if your Sub Zero drain tubes are functioning properly, then reach out to one of our friendly, helpful team members!


How do you know if your refrigerator compressor is bad?

Some common signs that a refrigerator compressor is going bad include abnormal sounds, clicking on and off with increasing frequency, and running too hot.  If you’re noticing these signs, it is best to have the unit checked out by a professional. You don’t want your food to spoil overnight, or worse, have a fire!


Why does my front load washing machine smell?

If you’re noticing a bad smell emanating from your front-load washing machine, the problem likely stems from the rubber seal gasket that lines the inside of the loading door. While this gasket prevents leaking during operation, it also allows water to hide behind it, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria. The best way to prevent this is to thoroughly dry the gasket after every use.


Why is my dishwasher leaving spots?

Most washing machines have a reservoir for a wetting agent that is used to prevent spotting during the drying cycle. This reservoir needs to be refilled when empty. Also, consider using an anti-spotting detergent, especially if you have hard water.

Why is my dishwasher not draining?

Although it doesn’t happen too often, the durian tube on your washing machine could be clogged with food or other debris. Alternatively, the drain hose could be kinked or otherwise hindered. You can clean the drain hose by removing it and running water through it in the utility sink. 

Also, be aware that the drainage problem might be stemming from the sink and not the drain tube. In most cases, a clogged sink drain is a simple fix with a snake or plunger.

Why is my refrigerator leaking water from the bottom?

If you notice water running out from the front of your refrigerator, then the likely cause is a malfunctioning defrost drain tube. This tube is intended to carry water to the drain pan where it eventually evaporates. It may have come loose over time or have a kink in it.

Why does my Whirlpool refrigerator keep shutting off?

If your Whirlpool refrigerator seems to be running fine, and then unexpectedly shuts off, there could be an issue with the defrost timer. This device is what restarts the refrigerator after it has run through its defrost cycle. A skilled appliance repairman can assess the situation quickly and affordably and then make any necessary repairs.

Do I have to use an authorized service center for appliance repair?

If your refrigerator or other appliance needs repair, the first thing you should do is read its warranty thoroughly. The problem at hand may be covered, which means that you will not incur any costs of repair or replacement. If the problem is not covered, then an authorized service center is probably the best bet. Professional technicians with brand-specific knowledge are always very valuable!

What is the most common appliance problem?

Well, the MOST common appliance problem is difficult to define. However, some very common appliance issues that we encounter include:

  • Unpleasant odor emanating from a washing machine

  • Refrigerator that doesn’t keep food cold enough

  • Garbage disposal that won’t turn on

  • Faulty ignitor switch on a gas stove

  • Washing machine wobbling

Regardless of the appliance problem that is troubling you, our friendly team of repair experts is here to help!

Should I repair or replace my existing appliance?

Whether to replace or repair an appliance depends on several factors. If the necessary repairs are unfeasible given the value of the appliance, then replacement is probably the best choice. It could also be that you simply WANT to replace appliances to freshen your living space. 

However, be aware that quality appliances can be expensive today. Many people are quite surprised to learn about modern appliance pricing, especially if they haven’t gone appliance shopping in many years! The choice is yours. Just be sure to look for quality appliances that will operate without problems for years to come.

What does Kingdom Appliance Repair do?

The trained and experienced appliance repair professionals at Kingdom care about quality and honesty. We will make affordable appliance repairs that you can trust. We are happy to serve our neighbors in Sarasota, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte, El Jobean, North Port, Rotonda, Venice, and Boca Grande. Call or click our friendly, helpful team today!

Appliance Repair Sarasota, FL

Appliance Repair Sarasota, FL
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